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Mighty Doodle™ Empowers Emerging Readers!


Evidence-based approach + leading-edge technology

Based on the evidence-based Orton Gillingham approach, the Literacy Matters Foundation Learning Program – Mighty Doodle™ – is coupled with leading-edge technology to provide individualized, engaging, child-friendly literacy instruction in a gamified lesson format delivered on an iPad. The majority of students made significant gains during the school year, with many demonstrating 4x greater progress on national standardized tests. 

Lesson log-in screen

Lesson log-in screen

Student on a device

Tracking + Analytics Data

Our system features real-time tracking and analytics to chart the progress of individual students.  Mighty Doodle™ assesses a student's progress while they read and adapts the curricula to the individual student’s needs.  The data collected is delivered on a dashboard that provides daily reports and measurable outcomes for teachers and administrators.  The data and analytics flag potential learning differences, allowing for early intervention.

Embedded Educator Coaches

Along with the Mighty Doodle™ Learning Program devices, headsets and microphones, Literacy Matters Foundation provides an Embedded Educator Coach three days per week onsite to support the students, classroom teachers and school administrators.  Our Educator Coaches train and guide teachers on Mighty Doodle™ technology and assist in the interpretation of real-time student data provided on easily accessible dashboards. Additionally, our coaches help support students and teachers in the learning environment and provide advocacy for further RTI support. 

Evidence-based Curriculum + Gamification

Our goal is to leverage the best technology and proven curriculum to empower young learners (K-3) with the basic reading, writing and spelling skills needed to close the literacy gap.  The phonics-based and evidence-based Orton Gillingham curriculum is presented in a sequence of mini games designed to engage emerging readers in a multi-sensory, structured, sequential, and cumulative learning experience.  

The Mighty Doodle™ Experience

Students create their avatar and then proceed through a sequence of mini games, connecting sounds to symbols and symbols to sounds. This process, known as “breaking the code,” helps students develop the necessary skills for decoding and encoding, the building blocks for reading.

Powered by IBM Watson Cognitive Intelligence (AI), coupled with voice and hand recognition, each interaction with a student is a customized response.  Our software is continuously learning through AI to predict and redirect the learner to correct an error when an incorrect answer is given.  As more students use Mighty Doodle™, the smarter the system gets and will predict and provide customized learning based on behavior, as well as answers.  

If a student is idle, Mighty Doodle™ re-engages with a gentle reminder and thereby supports  potentially inattentive learners.  If a student becomes frustrated or dysregulated, he/she is redirected to a mindfulness exercise they perform along with Mighty Doodle™ to calm them and re-engage.  Mobility exercises are also part of the experience and students love moving, dancing, jogging in place with Mighty Doodle™ leading them.  Music and animation keep the student motivated and excited for learning.  

At the end of the session, customized flash cards can be printed for each student to reinforce any words or sounds that were challenging that day. 

Student on a device

LMF has the solution. We teach the way children learn.


We are implementing our learning program in schools across the country to change the trajectories of emerging readers and close the literacy gap.

Screenshot of Flash Doodle game