LMF provides an educational program and service to K-3 public, private and charter schools called Mighty Doodle™. LMF is committed to safeguarding the privacy, security and personal information  and data of students who participate in  Mighty Doodle™. This policy sets forth our privacy policy regarding student information and data.


In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the Mighty Doodle™ program, we collect student information and  data relating to the performance of the student on the Mighty Doodle™ program, and data relating to test scores from standardized testing on each student using the program conducted by the school throughout the school year. A Parental consent form for the collection of this information and data from each student is obtained by our school partners.

The student information we collect includes name, date of birth, grade level, school student ID, gender, race, ethnicity, number of days enrolled in school year, and number of days absent in school year.

The Mighty Doodle™ program includes an internal assessment called 25E. The internal assessment collects statistics on student performance on the minigames included in the program. The information from the internal assessment is available to the teacher through a teacher portal. The information from the internal assessment is also available to staff at LMF. The statistics collected include completion of lessons, time spent on each mini game and the overall program, proficiency scores per minigame, types of errors made, and proficiency per lesson.

Each school implementing The Mighty Doodle™ program conducts student testing in order to determine skill level in reading throughout the school year. Some of those tests may include MCA, MAP, ACCESS, and STEP testing. The school provides test score reports for the students participating in the program, as well as, school district norms, school norms, expected student growth,  and past year’s test scores.


We collect, use, share data, and retain student information solely for use in the educational purpose identified in contracts with the school and in accord with data privacy laws. Before any of the information regarding student performance is shared with any third party, it is de-identified by a third party evaluator or by the staff at LMF.

We use the performance information on 25E internal assessment for internal use and to share only with school partners. Teachers can access the data from 25E for each of their students participating in the program in order to assess skill levels of the student and to provide additional educational support to each student. The internal use of the 25E data is used to make program improvements.

We use the student standardized test scores to evaluate efficacy of student participants of Mighty Doodle™ on their reading skills. Evaluation of improvement of reading test skills is conducted by LMF staff and a third party evaluator. De-identified and aggregated efficacy data is shared with third parties, is posted on our website, and in marketing collateral.


We do not sell student information or provide it to any entity to prepare targeted advertising.


LMF utilizes a comprehensive security program that is reasonably designed to protect security, privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of student information and data against unauthorized access or use, or unintended or inadvertent disclosure through the use of physical, administrative, and technical safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.


Last updated August 21, 2019