The Mighty Doodle™ Learning Program is your reading curriculum for k-3 students and your RTI for students with learning differences.  Educators have shared that they also found our program useful for ELL (English Language Learners) and 4th grade students who are not reading at grade level.  The Mighty Doodle ™ system has also been used for kindergarten and 1st grade students who are excelling and ready to advance to the next grade level.  With individualized learning, students progress to a 3rd grade reading level at their own pace.

The cost of the Mighty Doodle™ Learning Program over 3 years can be less than 1 year of text books and worksheets per student.  The 3 year package includes: 

  • 40 devices and headsets with microphones

    • With full implementation, 320 students per day can be on the devices for 40-minute sessions.  As a child reaches grade level, another child can be put on the program for individualized instruction.

  • Storage and charging cart which enables automatic downloads of system updates

  • Embedded Educator Coach onsite three days per week, four hours per day

  • Annual evaluation with an outside evaluator

  • Access to data and analytics for each student in an easily accessible dashboard.  Reports can be produced for individual students, groups, classrooms, grade level – whatever is useful for evaluation and analysis.  Reports can also be printed for parents for teacher conferences.

  • Software license/service fee


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