Betsy Weiner

Betsy Weiner has dedicated her life to the study and practices of yoga, mindfulness, and integrative health and wellness. She has over 1000 hours of training in yoga, with 500+ in the tradition of Parayoga. A veteran teacher of 16 years, Betsy she has developed curriculum for teacher training, as well as leading workshops in the Yoga of Fulfillment. Inspired by the Literacy Matters Foundation mission to teach to the whole child, Betsy shares the vision of the organization by providing young students with the positive effects of mindfulness, in support of emerging student learning.

Providing regular intervals of mindfulness, and opportunities for students to re-engage, as more focused learners, is a critical component of the Literacy Matters Foundation curriculum. Emerging learners who may be challenged with acquiring new skills, can more effectively hit the reset button for their brain, body, and mind. Breathing in a conscious and mindful way has the ability to give children the time & space to de-escalate from a frustrated feeling, and can teach them valuable coping skills for life. Numerous studies have proven that teaching children mindfulness facilitates better conflict resolution through age appropriate introspection and self-awareness. Betsy supports all elements of the Literacy Matters Foundation core values, including the benefits for children K-3 who will take newly acquired mindfulness skills outside the classroom, beyond the playground, and into all aspects of their lives.