Deb Mallin, Founder & CEO


Closing the literacy gap is one person’s heartfelt dream, but it’s a dream we can all share and support.

Educator and literacy specialist, Deb Mallin, had a thriving private practice helping students, one at a time, learn to read and write. The more success she had helping her students and student families, the more concerned she became about the vast numbers of those she couldn’t help. She said aloud to herself: “I either need more hours in a day, or more of me to go around; both impossible.” With the encouragement and support of her husband and three sons, she leveraged the most innovative technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate her processes on a scalable device to now reach entire classrooms of emerging readers.  Deb created the Literacy Matters Foundation and is on course to close the widening literacy gap, making possible what others thought to be impossible.

The Literacy Matters Foundation is a growing team of educators, content experts, technology gurus and strategists who have come together to help students master literacy by leveraging technology, refining curriculum, nurturing relationships, and painting a vision of the world where we’re all on the same page. The keystone for achieving the organization’s vision is delivering an evidence-based reading approach on a platform that is relevant for today’s student. 

The Literacy Matters Foundation Board of Directors is the governing council that provides subject matter expertise, fiduciary guidance, and assistance for development and civic outreach. The 501 (c) (3) nonprofit operates in accordance with all federal, state, and local guidelines.