Sarah Anderson
Executive Director

Prior to joining Literacy Matters, Sarah Anderson spent 12 years promoting literacy as a lawmaker in the Minnesota Legislature.  While there, she carried public policy and funding in support of literacy tools for at-risk youth and underserved students. 

During her tenure at the Legislature, Anderson also oversaw a $1 billion budget and five staff as the State Government Finance Chair.  She secured funding for the Healthy Eating Here at Home program giving families living in food deserts access to healthy food.  One of Sarah’s proudest achievements, however, was ending lunch shaming of school children when their lunch accounts ran dry.  

Anderson has been recognized by three different national organizations for her ability to build consensus among a diverse group of people, provide strategic vision, and motivate communities.  Sarah was named an Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow, an American Council of Young Political Leaders, and a No Labels representative for her bipartisan work.

Sarah firmly believes the Literacy Matters Foundation has the answer for closing the Achievement Gap.  Mighty Doodle™ leverages technology to provide individualized learning through a gamified format that rivals Fortnite.  It is the equivalent of giving every student a private tutor who keeps the child engaged and learning.  Literacy Matters successfully completes the mission Sarah began 12 years ago at the Capitol.