The majority of students using the Literacy Matters Foundation Learning Program - Mighty Doodle™ - made significant gains during the school year, with many demonstrating 4x greater progress on national standardized tests. If children can’t learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn. Virtually all children can learn. 

According to a recent American Public Media (APM) documentary and Minnesota Public Radio story on why American children can’t learn to read, the basic assumption that underlies traditional reading instruction in many schools is that learning to read is an intuitive process, much like learning to speak. But decades of scientific research has revealed that reading doesn’t come naturally. The human brain isn’t wired to read. A child must be explicitly taught how to connect sounds with letters – phonemic awareness.

Based on the evidence-based Orton Gillingham approach (phonics) of teaching reading, the Literacy Matters Foundation Learning Program – Mighty Doodle™ — uses leading-edge technology to provide engaging, child-friendly literacy instruction in a gamified lesson format delivered on an iPad. Our system features real-time tracking and analytics to chart the progress of individual students and adapts the curricula to the individual student’s needs. Learn More.