Dr. Zach Eakman, Psy.D.,

Dr. Zach Eakman is a well-regarded practitioner of neuropsychology and brings great insight to our organization, specifically in the area of understanding student behavior and factors which may indicate learning differences. His experience in performing psychoeducational evals for people of all ages. Dr. Zach (as we affectionately call him) is passionate for everything sports, as including the Brain-Behavior relationship. He has worked with students and families who are struggling with post-concussive syndrome. Both from a diagnostic perspective and subsequent rehabilitation. He has been a frequent speaker, including on ESPN, on all of these topics, including the neurobiology of Stress and Anxiety.  All of these components of Dr. Zach’s specialties affect the students the Literacy Matters Foundation hopes to help.

Married for nine years, his family includes two young sons, who witness his lifelong, pathological loyalty as a Vikings fan. You’d never know he is a daily Olympic weightlifting routine, but he is as intelligent as he is healthy.  The Literacy Matters Foundation is lucky to have his brains and brawn to close the gap.