Dr. Katherine M. Kowalchyk
Board Co-Chair

From 1991 to the present, Ms. Kowalchyk has been practicing intellectual property law with Merchant and Gould, P.A. She is a partner at the firm. Her practice has an emphasis in chemical and biotechnology patent matters. She has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from small startups and University clients to major corporations. She brings significant experience in advising clients in strategic patent portfolio management, foreign filing strategies, product clearance matters, patentability searches and opinions, validity and non-infringement opinions as well as technology transfer and patent licensing transactions.

Ms. Kowalchyk has worked on a range of technologies concerning medical devices, chemistry, and biologic pharmaceuticals. She is well versed in all aspects of the science of genetics, recombinant products including proteins, antibodies, DNA vaccines, viral vectors, and vaccines. She is also well versed in the science of microorganisms and infectious disease.

Ms Kowalchyk is currently the Secretary of the Board of the American Intellectual Property Foundation having served 4 years on this board. The mission of this Foundation is to increase the diversity of the intellectual property law by providing scholarship money for law students of color interested in intellectual property law.

She has provided pro bono legal assistance for inventors through LegalCorps.

She has worked on fundraising for two local nonprofit organizations; World Mission Prayer League and Global Health Ministries. She has been successful in securing a grant for Global Health Ministries that allowed the construction of two surgical suites at a hospital in Cameroon. She worked with World Mission Prayer League on a grant from USAID for LAMB Hospital Bangladesh.

She assisted in fundraising for and contributed to the development of Livingstone School, Bangladesh. Livingstone School is a K-10 private school that serves students of all faiths and that aims to increase the quality of education for students in rural areas. The curriculum includes the Bengali National curriculum as well as elements of the British national curriculum and US curriculum. English is taught to provide the students with advantages in finding jobs. The school has about 200 students.

She was on the Board of the Goldie Hawn Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to create and validate a mindfulness curriculum for use in schools.

She was on the Board of Groves Academy for ten years. Groves Academy is a non-profit private school that serves kids with a broad range of learning disabilities. She chaired the Board from 2001 to 2004, and led the school through a period of growth. She has been involved in a capital campaign fundraising effort. She also dealt with governance issues, strategic planning and mission drafting. This experience has provided her with an understanding of mission centered learning institutions.