Deb Mallin
Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Board Co-Chair

Deb leads Literacy Matters, balancing her skills in education & curriculum development, and business and marketing, with a deft ability to guide where needed and to follow her peers' expertise.

In addition to being a certified Orton-Gillingham/Wilson literacy instructor with decades of teaching experience, Deb draws on her experiences as a leading sales person at Colgate-Palmolive and Oatmeal Media, a published author, and countless hours as an empathetic volunteer to inspire the organization and those it serves.

Associated with both corporate and non-profit organizations, Deb's breadth of impact spans from her role as an educator for over 25 years, work with the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, Hospice Care, Meals That Heal, and Minneapolis Children's Hospital.

Outcome-focused and results-oriented, while being compassionately relentless, are personality traits that reinforce Deb's skills as a leader. Deb is always seeking the best from those around her and fair in setting others up for success. At the helm of Literacy Matters, Deb prioritizes integrity in meeting the needs of students and the overall success of schools, in an effort to see that there is Literacy And Justice For All.