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The quest for “Literacy & Justice For All” is, one person’s heartfelt dream. Literacy specialist, Deb Mallin, had a thriving private practice helping students, one at a time, gain control over their inability to read. The more success she had at helping her students and student families, however, the more concerned she became about the vast numbers of those she couldn’t help. She said aloud to herself: “I either need more hours in a day, or more of me to go around; both impossible.” With the encouragement and support of her husband and three sons, she leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate her processes to now reach entire classrooms of emerging readers. Having achieved the impossible, Literacy Matters became tangible and is on course to close the widening literacy gap, making possible what many said to be impossible.

The Literacy Matters Foundation is a team of 35 individuals, who are engaging technology, refining the curriculum, nurturing the relationships, and painting the vision of the world when we’re all on the same page. The keystone for achieving the organization’s vision is delivering proven classroom techniques on a platform that is relevant to today’s student. Emerging readers need structure, guidance, and an empathetic and knowledgable instructor who is listening as much as they are talking. Those traits are what has allowed Deb Mallin’s students achieve their goals and exceed the expectations of the institutions who fiercely want the same positive outcomes.

The Literacy Matters Foundation Board of Directors is the governing counsel that provides subject matter expertise, fiduciary guidance, and offers assistance for development and civic outreach. The 501(c)(3) operates in accordance with all federal, state, and local guidelines. Benefactors and donors to the organization may remain anonymous, at their request, while others’ names may be made public when relevant.

Deb lives in Minneapolis with her husband Dan–a serial entrepreneur in technology and marketing, and her three sons, Benjamin, Elliott and Jeremy. When not spending 19-hours a day working on the Literacy Matters Foundation, Deb still makes time to teach individual students as well as being a valued part of her community. More about Deb’s biography can be found here.

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